10.16.18: The Craft of Songwriting

My husband is a singer/songwriter so I have witnessed for many years the craft of songwriting. Occasionally I have assisted with the placement of a lyric or two. There is an expression in the industry that songwriters despise: “don’t bore us, get to the chorus”. This phrase suggests that the average listener just wants the main idea, the catchy part of the song. But just like in life, the real artistry and wisdom comes from the verses leading up to the hook (or the main event). The perfect word choice that creates room for interpretation within the buildup can be in itself where the magic of the song is realized and felt the most.

The chorus might be powerful and memorable just like the major moments in your life…graduation, marriage, having children, vacations etc. But what about the rest of it? We have two events that will certainly happen to all of us, birth and death, and the rest? It’s all transition. Let’s not wait for the chorus to sing. Sing now. Let’s not wait for the wedding to dance? Dance right here. Let’s not wait for the yoga class to breath. Inhale and exhale longer.


10.05.18: Lessons from a Tree

As the seasons shift from Summer to Fall,

I struggle with the change.

I long for more days of the sun on my skin

and the warm gentle breezes.

As I take a walk in the woods, I feel the brisk air,

a reminder of the inevitable cold on the way.

And then I see you, tree.

You grow in all directions.

Your roots run deep.

You’re grounded and of the earth.

You know where you are from,

but you’re not afraid to rise

to lengthen towards the sun,

creating new growth as your buds form

and nurture that growth from your base.

Once your leaves have fully expressed themselves,

you are not afraid to let go, without resistance.

Your leaves help to nurture the ground.

You let go, to make space for new growth, new possibilities.

I see you.

And I realize your transition is the very definition of grace.

Finding the beauty in letting go without struggle.

Finding peace in the act of change.


08.12.18: Duet

There is a duet that occurs between fear and love.

Between how you want to embrace yourself

and the voice that says you’re not good enough.

Oh fear, like the undertow, you pull me back, drag me below the surface,

and hope that I stay still.

And I might be quiet for a moment or two.

I might be frozen to act and move,

but in stillness comes clarity.

Clarity is a return to the heart.

And just like that I am reminded that love has more power.

Love heals and strengthens wherever it lives.

Love is the ocean. Love is the music within.

And just like a miracle there is a shift from fear to love

as the duet plays its last note.

What’s left is one voice…one love.